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Tourist spots in West Bengal

Victoria MemorialWest Bengal: Referred as Banga in the Epic Mahabharata, this area has a long history that predates the Aryan invasions of India. It was part of the Mauryan, Gupta, Pala, Mughal & British Empires. This place has a great historical importance in the history of India in various points of view. With Maharashtra & Punjab, then the Bengal played a major role in the struggle for India's Independence. Not only in Militant Nationalism, but also in other aspects of civilization, like that of in literature, art, crafts, Science & mathematics, Bengal was a forerunner in the time of the British rule. It was the capital of the British India.
Alipore ZooArea: 87,853
Capital : Kolkata
Population : 74.5
Language : Bengali, Hindi
Art : The handicrafts of Bengal are famous all over the world. Bishnupur's metal works, clay dolls from Krishnanagar get lots of acclaim from the art Mayapur loving people. Rasogolla & other sweets are also very famous.
Industry : West Bengal is the industrial hub of the eastern India. Major industries include iron & steel, cotton textiles, jute, engineering, tea, food processing, power, Software Industries etc. A number of other projects are coming up in the State.

Place of tourist Interest in West Bengal

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