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Tourist spots in Uttar Pradesh

iskcon templeUttar Pradesh: Over 2000 years ago the area which is now Uttar Pradesh was part of Ashoka's great Buddhist Empire. It was also part of the Mughal Empire. Thereafter the Nawabs of Avadh rose into prominence. Later, the British deposed the last Nawab. They named it as the United Province. After Independence, it was renamed as Uttar Pradesh.
kainchi templeArea: 2,94,411
Capital : Lucknow
Population : 139
Language : Hindi
Art : Art & Craft : The Chikan is very famous in the world. Chikan is hand - woven embroidered cloth. Silk saris known as Kimkhawb, Chikan work from Lucknow, metal ware of Moradabad and Aurangabad,woodcarving of Saharanpur etc. are very famous. Durri(rag) weaving, marble items, etc are also very good.
Industry : Uttar Pradesh is chiefly an agricultural State. It is also known as the sugar belt of India.

Place of tourist Interest in Uttar Pradesh

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