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arunachal flowersArunachal Pradesh: Arunachal Pradesh is situated on the easternmost tip of the country, it shares its international border with Bhutan, China and Burma, and its national border with Assam and Nagaland. This land, blessed with the most breathtaking scenery, an amazing variety of wildlife, magnificent ancient ruins and charming tribal folk, is any traveller?s paradise. The landscape of Arunachal Pradesh is unceasingly fascinating. Mighty rivers ramble from the snowy wastes of the Himalayas to the steamy subtropical plains of the Brahmaputra Valley. Its forests range from the tropical evergreen in the foothills, through temperate evergreen in the middle ranges, to coniferous in the higher elevations, and alpine in the extreme north. The variety of flora the land holds is incredible, ranging from rhododendrons to bamboo and cactus in the extreme south. Arunachal has it all. Over 550 species of orchids grow here in abundance, some of them rare species. The wildlife of the region is rich and varied. Elephants, tigers and leopards, the white browed gibbon, varieties of civets, the sloth bear and the Himalayan black bear, the red Panda in higher altitudes, and many types of deer including the musk deer live in Arunachal?s forests.
Area: 1,55,707
Capital : Itanagar
Population : 31.6
Language : Oriya, Hindi
Art : The handicrafts of Arunachal Pradesh are both useful and very attractive. Weaving is a very common craft in the region. Highly artistic carpets, shawls. gales (a lungi type skirt) and jackets aremade here in the oms. Buddhist tribes specialize in carving and painting semi-religious motifs on wood, while the eastern tribes of Tirap district weave intricate patterns out of cane.
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