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Tourist Spot in Namdhapa

About Namdhapa: The Namdhapa National Park is famous for the snow leopard & the clouded leopard. There are three major rivers in this area & flow into the Noa Dihing, a tributary of the Brahmaputra. Other animals in the Park include the gaur or mithun, elephant, Himalayan black bear, takin, the wild goat peculiar to the Patkoi range, musk deer, slow loris, binturong and the red panda. A number of primate species like the Assamese macaque, pig-tailed macaque, stump-tailed macaque and the hoolock gibbon can be found in the area. Some portion of the park is inaccessible. The Park is also a Tiger Reserve under Project Tiger
How to reach:Accessible from Itanagar & other cities in the nor
Best Time To Visit: October to March
Accomodation: Hotels etc.
Local Transport: car etc

Place of Tourist Interest in Namdhapa

Namdhapa National Park: Namdhapa National Park