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Tourist Spot in Mathura

A Temple in MathuraAbout Mathura: Mathura is one of the pilgrim centres of Uttar Pradesh. Being the birth place of Lord Krishna, devotees from around the world can be seen here throughout the year, bringing a truly international flavour to this ancient holy city.
How to reach:Connected by rail and also has regular bus service
Best Time To Visit: September to February.
Accomodation: Hotels, Panthanivas etc.
Local Transport: Bus, taxi service etc

Place of Tourist Interest in Mathura

Manasi Ganga

Manasi Ganga: Manasi Ganga Kunda is traditionally the starting and ending point of the circumambulation of Govardhana Hill. This kunda is considered a million times more potent than the Ganges River, because by bathing in the Ganges River one gets liberation and by bathing here one gets "Krishna prema," love of Krishna